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API - for traders & businesses

Integrate our API

Use Daneel’s API within your platform and help your users with relevant data. Enhance your features with Daneel’s brain (newsfeed, low signals, education…) Get statistics over your users’ behavior. To better serve your users, you will be able to analyze their requests on Daneel and better identify their needs.

More than 500 sources of information
Filtering, processing, and analysis of the data collected by our algorithms and machine learning models

2 million data collected every day
Every day, the produced volume of information in the world is impossible for a human being to process: more than 1 million tweets per day, hundred of articles, discussions on forums, social networks… By filtering and processing all the data using complex algorithms, machine learning models and the power of IBM Watson, Daneel is able to bring unique market indicators.

Information - for financial institutions

Technology monitoring

The Blockchain and cryptocurrency sector is evolving very quickly and there is a lot of information every day. receive personalized information to follow the evolution of blockchain technology, the market, projects, trends. Be up to date to anticipate the needs of your customers and employees.

You can subscribe to a daily or weekly newsletter to be up to date with the sector.

Integration into your IT infrastructure
API, XML, RSS, websocket: we can deliver you information into your current architecture for you and your team easily!

This offer includes web & mobile access for your collaborators. Contact us at [email protected]

Widget - for exchanges & startups

Daneel chatbot integration

Your users can now access all the information without leaving your platform: take advantage of the data processed by Daneel by integrating our widget into your platform.

An all-in-one solution
Your users will be able to benefit from Daneel's unique ergonomics and will facilitate their access to the information they are looking for.

Help your customers to understand blockchain technology
Your users can now fully understand the technology by asking questions:
"What is a wallet?", "What is a transaction", "What is TRON token?",...

Contact us at [email protected]

Database - for professionals

Knowledge base: people & companies

Thanks to our experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies sector, we have designed a database containing all the information related to the industry: projects, websites, emails, influencers, groups, exchanges, journalists, startups,...

The best crypto resources in one place
The world of cryptocurrencies & Blockchain is constantly growing. Startups, people, communities are evolving every day. We created a list to centralize all relevant information about the sector.

Reach companies and people you need
Want to boost your activity, contact relevant people for your business? We can help with this up-to-date list and our experts.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Contact us at [email protected]